Where Do I Get OccuNomix Safety Equipment?

OccuNomix is one of the industry's leading designers and manufacturers of personal safety equipment. The brand extends across the world, providing products that help workers stay safe in changing conditions.

Everything from high visibility equipment to ergonomics assistance is available from OccuNomix. This approach ensures everyone can find what they need to complete their duties and make it home at the end of each day.

Industrial Safety Gear is a proud provider of OccuNomix products, such as the LUX-350-JB ANSI Class 3 Hi-Viz Bomber Jacket.

Get to Know OccuNomix Better

OccuNomix safety apparel and products are designed to help workers have protection from workplace accidents. These designs also reduce the risks associated with rainy, cold, or hot environments.

When a construction crew wears OccuNomix safety vests and other apparel, it helps the employer meet or exceed the current OSHA regulations for industrial safety. You can also find these items worn by hobbyists, athletes, and others who need enhanced visibility.

OccuNomix is a global leader in the creation of heat stress prevention items. You'll find disposable sponge headbands, cooling bandanas, and other products in this lineup that work to keep people comfortable when conditions become challenging. There is a broad selection of wrist and back supports, including gloves built for individuals with arthritis to help deliver some relief.

The safety products in the OccuNomix lineup include extraction gloves, anti-vibration technology, and flame-resistant garments. That adds up to an equation that enhances worker safety in almost any situation.

Why Choose OccuNomix Products for Workplace Safety?

Whether you choose the OccuNomix safety vest solutions or invest in an OccuNomix cooling bandana, this safety equipment provider carefully chooses the highest quality materials available.

Many items come with 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective tape to ensure your OccuNomix gear stands out in virtually any environment. It incorporates retroreflection technology that works similarly to how light bounces off a mirror. When a vehicle's headlights strike a work vest with this material, the added illumination ensures the driver has more visibility to see people on the job site.

The reflective tape increases the distance where the reflective material produces the extra light, ensuring recognition from farther away. This advantage creates more time to respond when recognizing a person, making it easier to avoid a collision.

Although OccuNomix safety gear provides high-viz solutions in nearly all light conditions, the most significant benefits are seen in the dawn and twilight hours.

You can enjoy the advantages of this added visibility on multiple products, including vests, coats, jackets, pants, shirts, and sweatshirts. Even if you don't work in construction, this technology can help you become more visible when walking the dog in the morning or enjoying an evening jog.

When you need to be seen, OccuNomix has a solution to ensure that the outcome occurs.

Why OccuNomix Reflectivity Matters Outside

Visibility distances have multiple variables to consider, ranging from driver speed to personal eyesight. Even the amount of reflective material on vests and jackets increases the likelihood of someone being seen when approaching a job site.

Time is a crucial commodity when recognizing that a human is in the area. The information below shows how much of a difference OccuNomix products offer when worn correctly.

Reflective Trait Clothes Color Detectable Range Time to Detect
No Reflectivity Dark Colors 55 feet 0.6 Seconds
No Reflectivity White Shirt 220 Feet 2.5 Seconds
Reflectivity Light Colors 2,000 Feet 22 Seconds

The "Time to Detect" category is based on a vehicle traveling toward the work area at 60 miles per hour, which translates to 88 feet per second. The data is conclusive. Without this technology, detection times can be increased by up to nine times when wearing reflective striping and light colors instead of a white shirt.

Understanding the OccuNomix Labels

When you put on an OccuNomix cooling vest, bandana, or another safety apparel item, you'll notice the presence of a care label. Its placement is similar to what you'll find on other jackets, shirts, and apparel today.

Although you can find similar information on MiraCool cooling bandanas (another OccuNomix brand), there are some notable differences to consider when comparing the info to other manufacturers. Here's a closer look.

  • Washing Symbols. OccuNomix lets you know what the maximum water temperatures should be when caring for your new safety gear. If you have six dots on the label, this information indicates you can wash the material in 200°F (95°C) water. If there is only one dot, the maximum temp is between 65°F to 85°F (30°C). You'll see options for normal, permanent press, delicate, or hand wash cycles.
  • Bleach. An open triangle on the label indicates that you can use any bleach when needed to clean your safety clothing. If the triangle has stripes through it, then use non-chlorine bleach only. A filled triangle with an "X" through it communicates that no bleach should be used because of the garment's sensitivity.
  • Drying Cycles. OccuNomix uses a square to indicate how to dry your safety vests and other apparel. Options include drying flat, drip dry, and hang to dry. If you have a gas or electric dryer at home, you may see normal, delicate, or permanent-press options. Some items may require no heat, while others perform better on the low, medium, or high setting.
  • Ironing Safety Apparel. Although an OccuNomix bandana doesn't need much care, you might want to iron it to remove wrinkles at the start of your day. The treatment label will tell you if the item should be ironed, at what temperature, and if you should add steam. Most safety apparel requires minimal, if any, ironing to function successfully.

You'll see these options on a Mira Cool bandana just like OccuNomix products, so check to ensure your ongoing care meets the item's needs. If your work goes beyond what the instructions indicate, it is possible to void guarantees or warranties.

Investing in high-quality OccuNomix gear and taking care of it properly gives you an incredible resource that helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.