New Heat Pax Warmers

Heat PAX Warmers – Get the most assured 24-hour protection against the cold conditions!

Heat PAX Warmers are really simple to use. Just tear them open and expose to the air. They heat up at a decent pace and will warm up within 10 min. or so These are non-toxic and environmentally safe as you can easily dispose of them like normal trash.

You can stay warm by using the Heat PAX warmers as once activated, these give you up to 24 hours of warming. The heating can be suspended easily be simply resealing the inserts in an airtight bag and it will allow you to use the same pack over multiple days. You can even use them in your sleeping bags when camping in cold conditions.

Industrial strength Heat Pax warmers heat up faster and last longer than the leading competitor.

Benefits of using Heat PAX Warmers to ease your pain

For a long time heat has been used as an effective way of managing pain and muscle stiffness. Deep and penetrating will not only relieve pain but it will also enhance the recovery process.

When you apply a heat PAX warmer to your muscles and painful joints, the heat will stimulate your sensory receptions and block the transmission of pain signals to the brain. This will result in an instant and highly effective pain relief. Even if you are suffering from chronic pain, heat PAX warmers will help relieve your discomfort.

How does the heat actually help you?

·         Once the tissue elasticity is increased, the heat will reduce your resting muscle tension which will help relax those painful knots.

·         Your pain can be quickly eased via the sedation and soothing of pain-irritated nerve endings.

·         The effect of deep heating will increase your blood flow towards the painful area and bring more nutrients to the area that is injured while also flushing out the injured debris. This will help increase the healing rate.

·         Deep heat will also promote speedy healing as it will stimulate your natural metabolic rate. In simple words, more energy will be available to fix the injury.