9 Essential Advantages of Having Employees Wear Safety Vests

Each year, approximately three million workplace injuries happen in the United States. Although they range in severity, many of them are preventable by implementing more safety measures.

One of the fastest and most affordable ways to increase safety in the workplace is to mandate wearing vests.

Although workplace safety clothing is often overlooked as an asset, this one apparel item can help many businesses increase their safety mindset culture.

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Importance of Hi-Vis Vests for Construction Workers

Anyone who has ever worked in the construction industry has likely put on a safety vest at some point. This apparel does more than increase the wearer's visibility.

It also lets the construction company comply with all local, state, and federal rules.

It is the task of each employer and employee to ensure everyone is wearing a hi-vis vest in a construction area to encourage safety. They're made of vibrant colors, while some have reflective materials for night visibility or high traffic volumes.

Some construction safety vests incorporate a harness for jobs in the air or near water. Fire-resistant vests provide heat protection advantages. You can even find options with LED lighting to enhance the benefits of the reflective strips.

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