A beginners guide to hard hats

A beginners guide to hard hats
So the boss sent you on a quest for hard hats huh? What's a hard hat you ask? Don't worry! Here's what you need to know to get started.

Hard hats are essential safety equipment needed when you’re working in areas that have a potential for injury to your head from falling objects.

When are hard hats used?

Hard hats are used when you’re under a threat from falling objects that might result from activities with close proximity to:
  • People or operations where accidental loss or dropping of materials, equipment, tools, or other articles will lead to a head injury
  • Objects that are stored on platforms, shelves, etc. that might fall and cause a head injury
  • A posted or barricaded demolition or construction area where there is a chance of head hazards
  • Overhead exposed energized conductors in the area nearby

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