Best Safety Glasses for You and Your Crew

Whether you're working in a professional trade or have the entire family working on a DIY project at home, the use of safety glasses is a requirement.

You might be grinding down a metal pipe, sanding some flooring, or taking the chainsaw out to tackle that unruly bush. When everyone working on the project wears the best safety glasses for that situation, you'll feel more secure and be better protected.

Although all safety glasses look somewhat familiar, some styles are meant to perform under different situations or specific conditions. Some brands meet or exceed the current safety and quality standards better than others.

That's why knowing what you need today will help you get the work done more efficiently tomorrow.

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Material Types Used for Hard Hats

Material Types Used for Hard Hats

Hard hats provide a helmet-like design used to protect a worker's head from impacts by blunt or sharp objects. They also deliver a protective layer that safeguards against falls.

Approximately 20 million people in the United States and millions more globally wear hard hats while working. When worn correctly, a properly constructed product delivers two protection types.

The hard shell provides resistance to penetration by sharp objects. Workers also benefit from the suspension system that lessens the pressure and impact of a localized blow by distributing the force.

Most hard hats use a network of straps that connect to a headband attached to the helmet to create the suspension effect. That design holds the hard hat's shell at least 1.25 inches (3 centimeters) away from the head.

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