5 of the Best Reasons to Wear Safety Glasses

Your eyes are one of your most important assets. What you see is just as critical as the people, equipment, or animals with whom you work.

Having safety glasses while completing your duties can protect your vision from numerous on-the-job hazards without compromising your style or comfort.

Although this equipment isn’t required at every job site, it might be worth investing in this product to complete your duties. Here are some of the best reasons to consider wearing safety glasses today.

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Top Summer Safety Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

Summer is a time for finishing projects, enjoying time with the family, and hanging out with your friends. It can also be when the dangers of being in the heat for too long start sneaking up on you.

The best way to avoid heat illness during this productive time involves three elements.

  • Take time to rest whenever you feel tired after working or playing in the heat.
  • Find some shade to take a break from the sun each hour.
  • Drink plenty of water to ensure that you stay hydrated.

When you focus on those three needs, you’ll be less likely to reach a point where your body’s temperature control systems get overwhelmed.

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How to Choose the Best Work Gloves for Your Crew

Every job your crew takes on deserves to have a pair of excellent work gloves. Finding the right design for each specific task is crucial, but uncovering options that fit well, stay comfortable, and encourage productivity isn't always easy.

The options for work gloves today are nearly infinite. You can find task-specific options, products meant for general purposes, and lightweight products that deliver different protection levels.

Different textures, cuts, and gripping materials appeal to some jobs, but not others. Do you need something built with a rubber palm, or would it make more sense to purchase a reinforced design?

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9 Essential Advantages of Having Employees Wear Safety Vests

Each year, approximately three million workplace injuries happen in the United States. Although they range in severity, many of them are preventable by implementing more safety measures.

One of the fastest and most affordable ways to increase safety in the workplace is to mandate wearing vests.

Although workplace safety clothing is often overlooked as an asset, this one apparel item can help many businesses increase their safety mindset culture.

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Importance of Hi-Vis Vests for Construction Workers

Anyone who has ever worked in the construction industry has likely put on a safety vest at some point. This apparel does more than increase the wearer's visibility.

It also lets the construction company comply with all local, state, and federal rules.

It is the task of each employer and employee to ensure everyone is wearing a hi-vis vest in a construction area to encourage safety. They're made of vibrant colors, while some have reflective materials for night visibility or high traffic volumes.

Some construction safety vests incorporate a harness for jobs in the air or near water. Fire-resistant vests provide heat protection advantages. You can even find options with LED lighting to enhance the benefits of the reflective strips.

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Why You Should Wear Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are the best defense workers have against potential eye injuries. This protective item stops or reduces the impact of potential hazards, whether you’re at work, doing chores at home, or taking care of some outdoor work.

When worn correctly, safety glasses can save everyone time and money. Wearing them has a significantly positive impact on a person’s long-term eye health.

With an average of 1,000 eye injuries happening at work each day, along with 40,000 sports-related incidents and 125,000 more at home, the time to invest in this safety equipment is now.

Eye injuries are the most preventable cause of blindness.

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Best Safety Glasses for You and Your Crew

Whether you're working in a professional trade or have the entire family working on a DIY project at home, the use of safety glasses is a requirement.

You might be grinding down a metal pipe, sanding some flooring, or taking the chainsaw out to tackle that unruly bush. When everyone working on the project wears the best safety glasses for that situation, you'll feel more secure and be better protected.

Although all safety glasses look somewhat familiar, some styles are meant to perform under different situations or specific conditions. Some brands meet or exceed the current safety and quality standards better than others.

That's why knowing what you need today will help you get the work done more efficiently tomorrow.

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Material Types Used for Hard Hats

Material Types Used for Hard Hats

Hard hats provide a helmet-like design used to protect a worker's head from impacts by blunt or sharp objects. They also deliver a protective layer that safeguards against falls.

Approximately 20 million people in the United States and millions more globally wear hard hats while working. When worn correctly, a properly constructed product delivers two protection types.

The hard shell provides resistance to penetration by sharp objects. Workers also benefit from the suspension system that lessens the pressure and impact of a localized blow by distributing the force.

Most hard hats use a network of straps that connect to a headband attached to the helmet to create the suspension effect. That design holds the hard hat's shell at least 1.25 inches (3 centimeters) away from the head.

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A beginners guide to hard hats

A beginners guide to hard hats

So the boss sent you on a quest for hard hats huh? What's a hard hat you ask? Don't worry! Here's what you need to know to get started.

Hard hats are essential safety equipment needed when you’re working in areas that have a potential for injury to your head from falling objects.

When are hard hats used?

Hard hats are used when you’re under a threat from falling objects that might result from activities with close proximity to:
  • People or operations where accidental loss or dropping of materials, equipment, tools, or other articles will lead to a head injury
  • Objects that are stored on platforms, shelves, etc. that might fall and cause a head injury
  • A posted or barricaded demolition or construction area where there is a chance of head hazards
  • Overhead exposed energized conductors in the area nearby

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New Heat Pax Warmers

New Heat Pax Warmers

Heat PAX Warmers – Get the most assured 24-hour protection against the cold conditions!

Heat PAX Warmers are really simple to use. Just tear them open and expose to the air. They heat up at a decent pace and will warm up within 10 min. or so These are non-toxic and environmentally safe as you can easily dispose of them like normal trash.

You can stay warm by using the Heat PAX warmers as once activated, these give you up to 24 hours of warming. The heating can be suspended easily be simply resealing the inserts in an airtight bag and it will allow you to use the same pack over multiple days. You can even use them in your sleeping bags when camping in cold conditions.

Industrial strength Heat Pax warmers heat up faster and last longer than the leading competitor.

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