Best Safety Glasses for You and Your Crew

Whether you're working in a professional trade or have the entire family working on a DIY project at home, the use of safety glasses is a requirement.

You might be grinding down a metal pipe, sanding some flooring, or taking the chainsaw out to tackle that unruly bush. When everyone working on the project wears the best safety glasses for that situation, you'll feel more secure and be better protected.

Although all safety glasses look somewhat familiar, some styles are meant to perform under different situations or specific conditions. Some brands meet or exceed the current safety and quality standards better than others.

That's why knowing what you need today will help you get the work done more efficiently tomorrow.

What to Consider When Finding the Best Safety Glasses?

Today's manufacturers make generalized and ultra-specific safety glass types to facilitate virtually any task. The best products protect the eyes from dust and debris. Depending on the style, you might also receive heat and liquid protection.

Some of today’s best safety glasses provide features that deliver added comfort and durability. Others offer a basic design to provide protection essentials.

Here are the options to consider for you and your crew when you need new safety glasses or want to update what you’re currently using.

Considerations for Safety Glasses Reasons Why This Consideration or Feature Is Important
ANSI Approval The American National Standards Institute manages a voluntary standards system. It works closely with the U.S. government to set acceptable safety standards. Products with this designation exceed the basic regulations established for the industry. Look for a black or blue symbol on the frame or packaging to confirm compliance.
Scratch-Resistant Lenses Without this feature, even the best pair of eye protection glasses can get scratched by rubbing the lens against a rough storage bag or having a nail dropped on them. Check the product description or package for labeling that indicates polycrystalline diamond or DLC (diamond-like carbon) was used in the manufacturing process.
Peripheral Coverage This feature looks at the protection area around the eyes for construction and industrial safety glasses. Although most objects that impact this equipment come from the front, side strikes can occur. If you don’t want fogging to happen, an anti-fog lens provides clarity and maximum protection.
UV Protection If you’re working on an outdoor project, construction goggles or glasses that protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation are helpful. UV light could cause sunburns to the cornea, influence cataract formation, and be part of the macular degeneration process
Durability It gets frustrating when those construction safety glasses or industrial alternatives break during the first or second use. When shopping for you and your crew, consider rigid nylon frames, flexibility, and polycarbonate lenses to maximize your initial investment.
Polarized Lenses When the best safety glasses come with this feature, you’ll notice increases in visual clarity. This design uses a laminated filter between two lens layers to allow only vertically-oriented light to reach your eyes. That lessens the impact of reflections while presenting a better view of the tasks to complete.
Additional Features Many of today’s best construction and industrial safety glasses come with brand- or manufacturer-specific features. Some provide hearing protection attachments, and others use LEDs. Even vent-free designs where extreme heat could be hazardous if ventilation is available are options in the marketplace.

Why Choose Pyramex Safety Glasses?

Pyramex products are proudly manufactured to the highest quality standards. The company was founded in 1991, growing since that time to be one of the world’s leading providers of personal protective equipment (PPE). The manufacturer now has more than 2,500 distributors working in over 60 countries.

Before anything made by Pyramex leaves its facilities, it has incorporated hours of design, research, and testing to ensure the products meet the highest safety standards available.

When you put on a pair of construction or industrial safety glasses made by Pyramex, you can be confident in how it performs.

Example #1: Pyramex S9110S Atoka Safety Glasses

A fantastic example of this commitment is found with the Pyramex S9110S Atoka Safety Glasses. This product is sold in multiples of 12, with further discounting available if you purchase them in bulk. When you put on this PPE, you’re wearing an item that exceeds ANSI Z87.1 high-impact requirements. The design uses an integrated nose piece and soft, non-slip temple tips to deliver a comfortable, non-binding fit.

You and your crew receive a panoramic view with its wrap-around design. The lenses have a scratch-resistance coating that delivers a superior performance while delivering 99.9% protection from UV rays.

A gray lens is available alternative is available.

When ordering them online, you receive a convenient and straightforward way to deliver essential protection.

Example #2: Pyramex Clear Anti-Fog Ventless Goggles

Pyramex makes construction goggles that work well in home and professional environments. This product comes with high-quality H2X anti-fog, polycarbonate lenses to deliver scratch resistance and UP protection. You’ll receive help with excessive glare while exceeding the high-velocity impact standards from ANSI Z87.1-2003.

These goggles pass the droplet and splash, dust, and fine dust tests to provide superior protection with their ventless design. You and your crew will find them exceptionally comfortable, even if you need to wear them all day.

Example #3: Customized Pyramex Safety Glasses

When you want to promote your brand while working with your crew, the customization option for Pyramex safety glasses is an excellent choice. You can add a custom logo without setup charges, with a lead time of approximately two weeks from approval. Our team offers a low minimum order (eight dozen) so that almost any business can benefit from having these high-quality construction safety glasses.

Five print locations are available, along with up to four print colors. You’ll receive the same benefits as any other eye protection glasses provide with the added advantage of showing people who you are and what you represent.

The best safety glasses for you and your crew must provide essential protections while you’re taking care of business. When considering these options and features, you can select the best design for your needs.