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Pyramex Ridgeline Bump Caps

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Designed for use in areas with low beams, pipes, passageways or other obstructed head clearance, or where typical employees do not worry about their heads as they go about their jobs and so may bump into a carelessly carried two-by-four, and where ANSI Compliant Hard Hats are not required.

The Ridgeline Bump Cap provides comfortable, lightweight, economical protection against scrapes, scalp lacerations and other potential head injuries from minor bumps. The Bump Cap's outer shell is made of hard, durable polyethylene and includes ventilation holes in cap sides for cool air circulation.

The Ridgeline Bump Cap is versatile, often used in food processing, warehousing, meat packing and by mechanics.

    Ridgeline Bump Cap Features:
  • Glide Lock adjustable head band secures the bump cap snug to your head
  • Washable padded fabric and polyurethane foam sweat band provides all day comfort
  • Ventilation holes keeps your head cool and dry for all day wear.
  • Ridgeline bump caps are made of polyethylene material and are not designed to meet the safety standards for industrial head protection.

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