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Manufactures and distributes HotHands® Warmers – the #1 Air-Activated Warmer in America!
Leaders in the “Air-Activated” heat pack market since 1988.
Made in U.S.A.! Heatmax® manufactures HotHands® using state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities in North Georgia.
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Hot Hands Toe Warmers with Adhesive - 40 Pair
Status: Available
Case Of 240 Pair Hothands Toe Warmers With Adhesive
Status: Available
Hothands Insole Foot Warmers  16 Pair Box
Status: Available
HotHands Heated Knit Caps
$19.99  $4.99
Status: Available
Full Case - Hothands Insole Foot Warmers  128 Pair
Status: Available
HotHands  Hand Warmers Display Box With 40 Pair HH-2
Status: Available
Case Of 240 Pair Hothands Hand Warmers
Status: Available
FULL PALLET OF 30 CASES Hothands Hand Warmers
Status: Available
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