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Heat Pax Warmers

HeatPax WarmersISG has been bringing you the heat for over 20 years and we are pleased to now offer  HEAT PAX™ Warmers. Industrial strength HeatPax get hotter, heat up faster and last longer delivering hours of air activated warmth and relief from cold weather. UL Tested.

Once the package is opened, an exothermic reaction begins providing an effective defense against the winter cold. Heat Pax™ warmers provide industrial strength heat for our industrial safety customers in a variety of options below.
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Heat Pax™ 10 Hour Hand Warmers - 5 Pair Pack
Status: Available
Heat Pax™ 24 Hour Body Warmers - 5 Pack
Status: Available
Heat Pax™ Toe Warmers With Adhesive - 5 Pair Pack
Status: Available
Heat Pax™ Insole Foot Warmers - 5 Pair Pack
Status: Available
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