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Heat Pax™ Insole Foot Warmers - 5 Pair Pack

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5 Pair Pack - Heat Pax™ Insole Foot Warmers

  • UL Tested
  • Air activated, Instant Warmth
  • 25% warmer in the first 2 hours than leading brands
  • 6 Hours Full Power!
  • Includes 1 pair (Left and Right foot) per individual pack, total of 5 packs
3 easy steps to activate – Remove from the package, shake, and place in designated area on the body
Can be used during construction work, outdoor sports, working in your yard and more.

·    Single use so it can be disposed of after your day of work
·    Stylish orange woven pack inside a metallic film packaging
·    Safe, odorless and ultra thin for comfortable use

Stop & go warming...
If you only use a warmer for a couple of hours, put it in an airtight ziplock bag to stop the warming action. Simply take it out and expose to air to use it again for up to 10 hours total.

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