1. Fibre-Metal FMX Welding Helmet - 2999BV913X1 - FLAME

Fibre-Metal FMX Welding Helmet - 2999BV913X1 - FLAME

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Welding safety equipment craftsmen welders want...

Introducing Fibre-Metal FMXTM, the first complete line of welding safety equipment with the designs, performance and reliability welders want.

Welding craftsmen across the country were asked to help create the next generation of welding safety gear. The result: new Fibre-Metal FMX – designed with Xtra features welders want, and welding supply retailers have been asking for.

    FMX Industry Exclusives
  • Exclusive, full-wrap, heat and scratch resistant graphics
  • Graphics inspired by unique culture of today's welding craftsmen
  • Innovative packaging and POP to boost traffic and impulse sales
  • Outstanding comfort and performance built in to every product
  • Lifetime limited warranty on all helmets and headgear
    FMX Welding Helmets
  • Industry-exclusive overlay designs; heat and scratch resistant
  • Lightest weight full-size ADF helmet available: 18 oz.
  • Proprietary shell polymer offers high-impact durability
  • Superior ADF electronics:
    - Reliable switching, high quality optics
    - Selectable shade controls 9-13
    - Two-year warranty on ADF lens
  • Industry proven “3C” Headgear:
    - Adjustable non-slip/non-strip ratchet headgear for ultimate comfort and fit
    - Multiple adjustments help position ADF in front of eyes
    - Exclusive “free-floating” arms balance weight for all day comfort
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty: helmet/headgear

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