5 of the Best Reasons to Wear Safety Glasses

Your eyes are one of your most important assets. What you see is just as critical as the people, equipment, or animals with whom you work.

Having safety glasses while completing your duties can protect your vision from numerous on-the-job hazards without compromising your style or comfort.

Although this equipment isn't required at every job site, it might be worth investing in this product to complete your duties. Here are some of the best reasons to consider wearing safety glasses today.

Do I Need to Be Wearing Safety Glasses?

Numerous workplaces require safety glasses for workers when they perform their duties. Whenever an assigned task could put that person close to fine particles or impact hazards, it is often better to wear this product and not need it instead of needing it and not having it.

Even though you might not have had an accident or experienced an eye injury before, it always helps to be a bit cautious. These are the reasons why you should consider wearing safety glasses while working.

1. Stops Preventable Injuries

Approximately 2,000 eye injuries happen daily at workplaces and job sites across the United States. That figure doesn't include nearly 200,000 additional incidents during sporting events or while working on home projects.

Up to 90% of the eye injuries reported yearly are preventable when appropriate safety eyewear is available.

Wearing today's best safety glasses makes it easier to prevent a serious injury without a significant inconvenience. Some designs are built to fit over prescription lenses to ensure you can see while working.

2. Protects Against Numerous Hazards

Today's best safety glasses are rated to offer protection against numerous workplace hazards. They can stop impact injuries, dust, flying debris, and fumes.

Imagine that the equipment you're using suddenly fails. Metal shards come flying at your face before you can react to the situation. With the proper safety glasses on, your risk of an eye injury is significantly lower than if you didn't have any protection.

3. You Can See Better

Whenever you work in an environment with opaque fumes or fine particles, a high-quality set of safety glasses can help you see easily and comfortably.

If you don't want to wear your prescription in that space, prescription safety glasses are possible on some models. You could also opt for face shield glasses if you prefer to wear your everyday corrective lenses.

Pyramex safety glasses are an excellent choice because they combine functionality and comfort into convenient designs. You can stay focused on your work without worrying about what could happen to your eyes.

4. ANSI-Rated Benefits

The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) sets standards for safety glasses to show how safe and effective they are when used correctly. When you see a rating on a product you want, you can be confident that it could protect you as expected.

Some safety glasses are also OSHA-approved in the United States. The product must meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard to qualify for this designation. The design is also required to accept ANSI-rated prescription lenses.

5. Multiple Features

If your job involves looking at a computer screen, spending time outside, or completing data entry, the blue light exposure could damage your eyes. Safety glasses are often considered a construction industry need, but everyone from writers to programmers can benefit from wearing a model that blocks blue light and UV rays.

When your eyes receive ongoing exposure to the ultraviolent spectrum, there is a higher risk of macular degeneration. Numerous industries use UV light to sterilize tools, which means your eyes should be protected with safety glasses to reduce potential complications.

You Can Accessorize with Today's Safety Glasses

If you haven't worn safety glasses or goggles in recent years, you've likely pictured the old, often clunky designs that workers used to sport. Product designs have come a long way over the past decade, providing significant benefits that help your working style.

When you can find a pair that fits your face shape and offers lenses in a color you prefer, you'll find wearing this safety product can be lots of fun.

Thanks to today's low pricing, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals can supply safety glasses to employees and contractors with bulk orders. Whether you need one pair or 100, our team is standing by to serve you!

You don't need to choose between style and protection today. Safety glasses can help you see better and prevent injuries.